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Accounting Advisory Services

Timely and accurate financial reporting that complies with a myriad of industry standards and changing local, state and international requirements is vital for growing business. We provide a range of accounting services that deliver reliable records to facilitate more informed financial decision making, without the distraction of day-to-day number crunching. Whether you are looking for a full range of services to help your small business thrive or just a team to supplement your accounting department, we tailor a solution to fit your needs and schedules. Bookkeeping, report generation, and filing services we offer include:

  • Reviewing or compiling income and other financial statements
  • Filing local, state, and international tax returns
  • Preparation of Sales/Vat tax returns
  • Furnishing balance sheets, cash balance and sales review reports, and general ledger analysis
  • Providing billing and accounts receivable management
  • Designing and implementing accounting systems

Accounting and Related Services

Maintenance of books of accounts as prescribed under the statutes for all enterprises and companies, preparation of financial statements for submission to the statutory authorities, compliance with the Accounting standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Setting up of internal control systems and procedures for newly set up as well as existing small and medium sized enterprises.

Advising on Drafting of Deeds / Agreements

  • Advising on Loan Agreements/Bridge Loan Documents
  • Advising on Debenture Subscription Agreement
  • Advising and Drafting Debenture Trust Deeds
  • Advising and Drafting of Share Pledge Agreements
  • Escrow Agreements o Due Diligence
  • Inter Creditor Agreements
  • Drafting of Concession Agreements

Advisory on IT Services

As other area in company needs to be effective, well-managed IT system is also one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, if implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant wonders for an organization in growth and efficiency. It is essential to get sound business advice to ensure technology risks are managed. IT is challenging to get right and expensive to get wrong-not only in monetary expenditure terms, but also in lost efficiency and potential infringements.

Assurance Services

At present the firm renders auditing services to Corporate & Large Industrial House, Partnership Firms, Proprietorship, Trusts, Societies etc. in the following areas :- o Statutory Audit under Companies Act , Trust & Society Act. o Various Tax Audits under I.T. Act o Internal Audits o Management Audits o Special Audits o Branch Audits o Bank Audit , Inspection Audit, Revenue Audit o Information System audit o Business Review Audit o Compliance Audits o Investigation These audits are done periodically like monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually as per requirements of client or as per the statutorily requirements. The audit program is being drawn with regards to nature of client industry norms & law applicable. Our Audit Program helps organizations and individuals achieve their objectives and succeed in the new economy through measuring performance, managing risks, and leveraging.

Audit and Other Assignments

To integrate harmoniously with the rapidly changing external environment, the companies need to be intrinsically strong. They must make their internal operations sound enough to meet any threat from outside. Our audit team takes care of our clients in investigating the affairs of their business. Our tailor made services as per the needs of our clients enables them to manage risk at both external and internal levels. Our internal audit team can undertake an assessment of your in-house vulnerability to the malfunctioning of operations and other misconduct, and its potential impact on your business and financial statements. We help companies investigate the causes hindering smooth functioning of their business. We scrutinize unusual financial activity with the sensitivity and trust you place in us.

Charitable Trusts Matters

The areas of services covered are as under: Drafting of memorandum and articles for societies and trust deed for charitable trust. Registration of new societies and charitable trust and changes therein with the registrar of societies and charity commissioner. Annual Compliances relating to societies and charitable trust.

Company Law Matters

The growing spate of liberalization and globalization has unleashed Indian Industry from an era of controls and constraints. At every stage of operation; from incorporation to AGMs, from company meetings to filing documents with the registrar etc. involves complex set of procedures to be followed. Failures or even deviations from meeting the set procedures can entail heavy penalty for companies. Our highly specialized team of professionals, with their profound understanding of the nuances of these sophisticated procedures, assists our clients in meeting the compliance requirements without any hassle. We had been helping our clients business to grow by effectively tackling the maze of company law matters.

Corporate Finance Advisory

  • Project Finance from Banks & Institution.
  • Syndication of Working Capital Loan.
  • Buyers Credits.
  • External Commercial Borrowings.
  • Debt Securitization \\\\ Assets Securitization.
  • L.C. & Bill Discounting.
  • Restructuring of Debt Structure.
  • Consulting , Advising on public, Right , & Bonus Issue & Splitting of Shares.

Excise Duty Matters

The services offered include:

  • Rendering advice on a wide range of issues relating to excise duty implications.
  • Providing the right guidance to enable clients to make the most of excise duty concessions and relief.

FEMA Matters

The FEMA act is one such act governing regulations concerning Foreign Exchange. The violation or noncompliance, either deliberate or due to ignorance, can entail heavy punishment or penalties of different forms. To help our clients grow with confidence across the national boundaries, our team of experts having profound knowledge of rules applicable within our country and/or in foreign country, are always available. We make you aware of various compliance requirements and ensure your unhindered growth, by helping you abide by them. The following list details out such activities:

  • Certification for purposes of Submission to Reserve Bank of India concerning
    repatriation etc. out of India.
  • Representation before Reserve Bank of India for any approvals etc.
  • Ensuring FEMA Compliances.

Finance Management Services

We provide investment manager services to develop a customized investment portfolio consistent with your investment goals and risk tolerance. We also provide unbiased advice and clear, comprehensive reports detailing the structure and value of your portfolio. We align our efforts with your interests. We are compensated on a fee basis exclusively and do not receive commissions from transactions, nor is there any direct compensation derived from the use of any recommended investment product, broker or mutual fund.

GST Matters

The Government of India is looking forward to replace multiple indirect taxes under existing regime with a single unified Goods and Service Tax (GST). The major existing indirect taxes are Excise duty, Service Tax, Central Sales Tax/VAT, out of which excise duty, service taxes, and Central sales taxes are governed by the Central Government and VAT (a tax on intra-state sale of goods) is governed by the respective State Governments. Apart from this, State Governments levy many other taxes like octroi/purchase tax/entertainment tax, etc. We handle all types of GST matters. This includes CGST and SGST registrations and the preparation and lodgment of returns. ( Applicable from April 2012)

Income Tax Matters

  • Consultation in Income Tax matters.
  • Preparing & Filling of Income Tax Returns.
  • Appearing before the Authorities for Scrutiny Assessment Cases.
  • Appearing before the Appellate Authority.
  • reparing & Filling of e-TDS and e-TCS Returns (Quarterly)
  • Preparing & Filling of Various Forms under the Income Tax Act

LLP Matters

  • Convert to LLP
  • Complete Business Set-up
  • Protect Your Brand Name
  • Drafting & Vetting of LLP Agreement
  • Procure DPIN & Digital Signature Audit Services
  • Foreign Office Establishment
  • Tax Advisory
  • Tax Number Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Accounting Services

Management Consultancy Services

  • Setting up of new units; - Style, Pattern, Investment etc.
  • Setting up, Review & Monitor of Accounting system, Internal control system, Payroll, Internal Audit System, Branch Set Up.
  • MIS Reporting.
  • Incorporation to Winding up of Trust, Partnership, Firm, Society, HUF.
  • Documentation & Registration of Import & Export Code No.

Service Tax Matters

  • Making Application for Service Tax Number
  • Consultation for Service Tax matters
  • Preparing & Filling of Service Tax Returns (Half-Yearly)

Transfer Pricing Matters

We also advise on Transfer Pricing Matters. Internationally there are a number of matters, issues and conflicts on transactions. It is an outcome businesses rapidly growing ever before past across all the countries in the world with transactions enumerated.

  • Advising on transfer pricing matters including the preparation of TP reports.
  • Preparation of transfer pricing reports for tax structuring projects.
  • Valuation of trademarks, intangibles and ongoing businesses.

V.A.T./ Profession Tax Matters

  • Survey, Search & Seizure matters.
  • Preparation & Filing of return under respective Acts.
  • Compliance & Tax Planning.
  • Representation to Appropriates authorities.
  • Advising on Complex issues under respective Act.
  • Setting up system of deduction & deposition of TDS.

Wealth Tax Matters

  • Preparation & Filing of Income Tax Return of Corporate, Trust, Societies, Partnership Firms , Individuals, HUF, NRI.
  • ncome Tax Compliance & Income Tax Planning o Representation to Statutory bodies like CIT (A)\\\\ Tribunal \\\\ Settlement Court.
  • Advising on Complex issues under Income tax matters/Wealth Tax Matters.
  • Preparation & Filing of Wealth Tax Return.

Other Services

We also undertake host of other activities for the benefit of our clients. The highlight of the nature of services is:

  • Employee’s Payroll Accounting & Compliances to TDS, PF & ESI.
  • Back Office Operations for Billing, Collections & Cheque Processing & Reconciliation, and Facilitators for vendor development programs.
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate (NOC from Tax Department).
  • Works Contract Act.
  • Legal Services & Drafting of Documents.
  • Liaisoning with Government Departments like, Electricity Boards and Municipal Corporation and Advisory Services related to Land and Real Estate.

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